You benefit

We provide the services you need to bring your property up to date. Our staff complete renovations in a professional manner. We offer advice and help which other companies can not, to make sure your needs are met.

We benefit

Our workers are essential to our purpose and success. ICR staff have permanent employment, which is unusual in the construction industry noted for seasonal and short-term work. They have quality jobs, decent wages, a health benefit plan, professional training and opportunities for advancement.

Community benefit

As a ‘social enterprise’ we are an important part of Winnipeg’s inner city development. ICR workers and their families share in the economic and cultural life of the community. Low income residents now have good homes and government and commercial buildings we have renovated bring new life to our city.

Inner City Renovations is a unique construction company that revitalizes commercial buildings, multi-unit residential, and more. Our quality renovations benefit clients, employees and our community.

We offer quality services that meet or exceed construction standards and client expectations. We have skilled and experienced carpenters ready to transform your building.

We manage large construction projects and can bring in top-notch trades people to complete every aspect of your renovation.

Inner City is owned by Community Ownership Solutions, a registered non-profit corporation and charity in Manitoba.